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“Creating a Championship DNA:  Why The Best are The Best”

Kevin has spent his 35+ years studying why the best are the best in the world of sports.  He will share the mindsets of the best by breaking down not only how they think but the success habits they have formed and the all-important ingredient they all seem to have -- the words they live by (from his book, WHY THE BEST ARE THE BEST). Kevin will explore these words and why they are so critically important to this elite group and to others who wish to become the best in what they do. Other topics Kevin will discuss are the myths of success; the separators of success; and how to deal with failure and overcome your personal doubts. Your team will be energized and inspired to create a plan to move forward to produce their best, for themselves and your organization.

"Leading in Today’s Competitive Environment: Looking at Leadership Through the Eyes of Those You Are Leading”

Kevin has a unique perspective on leadership through witnessing it first hand in the extremely challenging world of the National Basketball Association, both as a coach and as an NBA executive. He shares how important it is to lead with strength but also with compassion for those you lead. He will discuss proven concepts and will share what he has observed and studied at all levels in various organizations over his career — including leading the best of the best, from All Stars to Hall-of-Famers. He will talk about his concept of “REAL” leadership; the four most sought after needs of those you lead; the “must haves” of leadership in today’s world; what separates the best leaders from the rest; and many other concepts of effective leadership. 

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“The Power of Us:  How the best Teams Create and Maintain a True Team Environment”

Kevin discusses how teams create that feeling of “team-ness,” including how teams are put together, how teams stay together, and how the understanding of teammate, teamwork, and team are linked. He will take you behind the scenes of some of the great championship teams in professional sports and in the corporate world. You will get an inside look at what truly takes place for champions to form that team bond. He shares his experiences as a coach of the 2008 NBA World Champion Boston Celtics and the 2010 Boston Celtics that reached the NBA Finals. Both runs taught him valuable lessons about the power of forming the right team...and a true team.


In 2008 Kevin was on the coaching staff of the Boston Celtics. They won the NBA World Champion that year. Like any successful organization, they spent a short time enjoying the satisfaction of what they had accomplished. But as Michael Jordan once said, "Success doesn't stop once you get there." So they began the process of trying to repeat their championship performance -- not an easy task! Kevin will share his first-hand knowledge of the steps that team took to put themselves in the position to repeat. Kevin has studied a number of teams that did, in fact, repeat their championship performance. The lessons shared in his talk translate from professional sports teams to corporate teams and organizations.

“Creating a Culture that Produces the best Results, Has a Lasting Impact on its People, and Sets the Tone for Success”

Kevin will take you inside the cultures of the best teams in sports and business and give you an up-close look at how and why they were created and what effect the culture has had on their long-term success. He will also share reasons some cultures fail. You will hear how and why cultures work as well as how the good ones can be sustained. He will explain the key ingredients of the cultures that produce winning teams, including the words these organizations live by (from his book WHY THE BEST ARE THE BEST). You will get a look deep inside the culture of the 2008 NBA World Champion Boston Celtics and see why every person in the organization agrees that culture was the foundation of the team’s success.