The "On" Season

Now that the college season is over, it is selfish time again. By "selfish" I mean selfishness in the short term that contributes to team success in the long term. It's time for players and coaches to do whatever they can to make sure they come back better once next season rolls around. No matter the sport, this "On Season" (the one many call the "Off Season") is critically important. This is the time you need to get "on" a seek and find mission. Seek and find new ways to do things. Seek and find new ways to grow. Seek and find new ideas to incorporate. Seek and find better ways to execute the role you have.

Mike Taylor, a coach I know from my years with the Celtics, is now coaching the national team in Poland. Coach Taylor used to be with the Celtics' G League team in Portsmouth, Maine. Mike is always on that seek and find mission to improve -- and he's very good! But this time he may be able to help all of us grow. He shared a presentation with me recently and I think it has some helpful ideas on how to "Develop Floor Generals." I hope you find it informative and a thought stimulator. Developing Floor Generals - Coach Mike Taylor

If you have any questions about the presentation, you can contact Mike at (he gave the ok to share his email with you). Best of luck in this "ON" season of growth!  - KE

Wendy Eastman