ETC 2019: FAQs

I’m so lucky to have known Kevin Eastman for many years. He’s been a great mentor and friend. Anytime you’re able to get this many coaches together, everyone’s able to learn from one another and I’ve learned a lot from Kevin’s Elite Training Camp.
— Jay Bilas, ESPN

Kevin answers FAQs about ETC 2019 (June 1 & 2, Richmond VA):

Jon Oliver , consultant/leadership coach; 20+ years as a senior college athletics director

Jon Oliver, consultant/leadership coach; 20+ years as a senior college athletics director

1. Who will be the guest speaker? Joining Coach Eastman will be guest speaker Jon Oliver.  Jon works with individuals and organizations as a consultant and leadership coach to facilitate preparation for coaching and leadership roles. He has interviewed hundreds of coaches and administrators as part of searches and professional development training. He will provide information on how to prepare for the interview, showing up as your best self during the process, and connecting with people in an authentic way. Jon has over 20 years experience in athletics administration, and was most recently Executive Associate Athletic Director at University of Virginia

2.  Will there be X & Os in addition to career development content? Yes. Mike Rhoades, Head Coach at VCU, will talk in depth X & Os, and will also be available for Q & A. I will follow this session to discuss how you can take NBA systems, concepts, and teaching points and immediately insert them into any level of coaching.

Mike Rhoades -  VCU Head Coach. 2019 Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year

Mike Rhoades - VCU Head Coach. 2019 Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year

3. Will there be discussion as well as seminar-style? Yes. We will have a discussion session that addresses some of the most prevalent problems coaches face, including age-old challenges and more current issues raised in today’s environment. Coaches will identify and discuss these challenges and possible solutions in smaller groups as well as with the entire group.

4.  I get so many questions each year, "How can I move up in the profession?"  I, too, had that same question when I was climbing my ladder. I never had anyone put a strategy and make me aware of what I needed to do and the mindset and habits I needed to have -- and that is exactly what we will do on Day 1 (June 1).  How can you position yourself and be prepared for the day when you get your shot to interview? What is involved at different levels of the game as a coach -- and how does it compare to where you are now? What can you do each day to make yourself more valuable, both where you are and at your next position? Is staying where you are and being the best you can be the way to go?

5.  Another question I get every year from many coaches is, "What is an interview like and what do I need to know to be ready for one?"  Jon Oliver is uniquely qualified to lead this session, having been on the hiring side as a college athletics administrator for many years. He will go over how to position yourself with those who are doing the hiring; how to prepare before the interview; preparing an interview notebook; and how to conduct yourself during the interview. We will also talk about strategies for after the interview.