This is one of the best events I have ever been to. These events are very important. I’ve been a head coach for 19 years and a basketball coach for close to 30 years and to come here and gather new information was great.
— Jim Ferry, Penn State
At no clinic will you get more information than at Kevin Eastman’s Elite Training Camp.
— JD Powell, College of Charleston

ETC 2019

Elite Training Camp was held June 1& 2, 2019 in Richmond, VA. Information about our 2020 event will be posted in spring 2020.

  • what is elite training camp?

Elite Training Camp is a two-day coaching and career development seminar held each summer. Kevin Eastman leads the event and brings in one or more guest speakers. Our guest speakers for 2019 were Jon Oliver and Mike Rhoades.

  • Who Should attend?

Elite Training Camp is for coaches at any level who want to be prepared for their next career opportunity...while becoming the best they can be where they are now. Past ETC attendees have included high school and college coaches from: Penn State, Miami, Campbell, Queen’s College, Richmond, VCU, High Point, Virginia Tech, Old Dominion, Belmont Abbey, Ball State, UConn.

  • What will I learn?

Topics include strategies, habits, and mindsets for success; how to create buy-in as a coach and as a potential hire; the interview: preparing for it and questions they will ask; increasing your daily productivity; and other much-needed career and personal growth strategies and separators.

  • not a coach?

Elite Training Camp is designed for coaches but much of the subject matter can be applied to other fields. Questions or ideas? Shoot us an email.