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Kevin Eastman and Jay Bilas

Elite Training Camp 2018

ETC 2018 will be held August 10 and 11 at Queens University in Charlotte NC. Our guest speaker will be Jay Bilas, ESPN basketball analyst. More Info & Registration.

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what is elite training camp?

Elite Training Camp is a two-day coaching and career development seminar held each summer. Kevin Eastman leads the event that includes guest speakers, panel discussions, and an opportunity for attendees to meet and learn from other coaches.


WHo is elite training camp for?

Elite Training Camp is for coaches at any level who want to work toward being prepared for their next career opportunity...while becoming the best they can be where they are now.


What will I learn?

Topics include "must-have" habits for success, how to create buy-in, preparing for the interview, increasing your productivity, and other career and personal growth strategies.


How do i register?

Registration will be open soon. Click here to get updates by email.


not a coach but interested in training camp?

Elite Training Camp is designed for coaches but much of the subject matter can be applied to other fields. Questions or ideas? Shoot us an email.


Did you miss out on 2017 ETC?

Video from Elite Training Camp is now available for purchase. Take a look at these clips.