Time Zones: Spare Time. Part Time. Full Time.

I often ask players what time zone they operate in most often. When I pose this question, I get some weird looks, because they automatically think of the time zones across the country. But the time zones I’m talking about are the time zones of success. These are the time zones of winners vs. losers:

·     Spare time: I’ll do it when I get to it

·     Part time: I’ll do it every now and then

·     Full time: I’ll do it when and only when it’s required, but I will do it

·     All the time: I’ll do what it takes, and more, every time you need me, regardless of the circumstances.

As you look at this list, think about which ones produce winning and which ones create frustration and contribute to losing. There is no doubt that if you are part of a team of “spare-time” and “part-time” people, you have no shot at reaching your goals. You just never know when these two types of people will show up. And if you have to guess each day what time zone your colleagues or teammates are in, there’s simply no way the group can succeed. Success is all about consistency. 

If you have “full timers” on your team, you at least have a shot, because they will attempt to do what is required, though even that may not be enough. Most every team that goes far does the required work, but championship teams not only do the required work; they separate themselves from others by doing the unrequired work. They put in the extra reps, study the scouting report one more time, help a struggling teammate after practice. They define commitment.

Commitment has no expiration date. Commitment is an every day, every week, every month, every year proposition. You’re either in or you’re not. There is no such thing as being committed on Monday but not on Friday!

Commitment is one of the 25 Powerful Words in WHY THE BEST ARE THE BEST by Kevin Eastman